Knudsen, Anders, BA. Graduate Students. I thought I'd be nice to get things started for this cycle - it was great read through previous posts for those interested in more computationally-inclined programs. Visiting Professor. Professor, Chemical Engineering and Institute for Medical Engineering and Science ... Harvard … ... Research Assistants. Silvia is a student in the Systems Biology PhD program at Harvard Medical School. A PhD interview probably isn’t the best time to wallow in existential self-doubt (unless you’re applying for a very specific topic in Philosophy*). Equally though, answers like ‘my only downfall is excessive perfectionism’ can sound a bit contrived. Collaborators. The Center for Systems Biology provides a limited number of graduate students with a sophisticated and rigorous program in a multi-disciplinary environment, enabling them to become creative, … 200 Longwood Avenue Warren Alpert 425 Boston, MA 02115. . Daniel Eaton. Your donation supports cutting-edge research at the MGH Center for Systems Biology Professor Richard Moerschner Endowed MGH Research Institute Chair in Men’s Health Director, Mouse Imaging 617-726-8226. Graduate students in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) are members of an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary training program called Molecules, Cells, and Organisms (MCO). Hi everyone, I just heard some information that surprised me today that I wanted to share (as its quite different than previous post-interview acceptance rates that I had heard for Harvard BBS). I saw posts about computational biology/bioinformatics/systems biology programs for previous years but there is nothing posted for the 2021 cycle. Van Praagh, Andrew, PhD. Center for Systems Biology. Before coming to Boston, Silvia obtained a B.Sc in... Read more about Silvia Canas Duarte. Professor of Systems Biology Director, Center for Systems Biology. 617 -5555 Education Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences PhD, Biological Sciences in Public Health, GPA: 3.66/4.00 Cambridge, MA Jan 2020 • Harvard Merit Fellowship recipient • GRE Scores: Quantitative 780 Verbal 530 Cambridge University, Faculty of Science MSc, Molecular Biology … Just got an interview for Penn (Jan 23-26 or Feb 13-16)! Kim, Dong-Eog, MD, PhD. Harvard BIG MIT CSB Tri-Institutional UCLA Bioinformatics [12/6] UCSF Bioinformatics JHU BME UC Berkeley Computational Biology Yale CBB Princeton QCB UCSD BISB UChicago GGSB UCI MCSB Penn GCB [12/10] [Interview Notification] … MCO’s unique approach to the biological sciences PhD cultivates versatility as well as depth of expertise by exposing its students to the full spectrum of modern biology. Anderson, Daniel, PhD. Center for Systems Biology. Friday, February 7, 2020 (All day) Location: Systems Biology