2. GoFundMe released its 2020 giving report, and it is spotlighting some of America’s biggest struggles: hunger, racism, and Covid-19. propertag.cmd.push(function() { proper_display('nationalinterest_content_3'); } ); Moreover, the push to eliminate the Electoral College would increase the influence of large urban centers at the expense of small states and rural areas, striking at our constitutional structure that balances the rule of the majority with protections for minority interests and state governments. Here are some starting points: 1. Several issues will take center stage, ones with the potential to significantly shape our future, from immigration reform to college-loan debt. [CDATA[// > “Income growth of the middle class has been slower than for both those above and below them,” Richard Reeves, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute and the director of its Future of the Middle Class Initiative, told ABC News. And, Microsoft, never cool, sold software to consumers and businesses. (CNN)GoFundMe released its 2020 giving report, and it is spotlighting some of America's biggest struggles: hunger, racism, and Covid-19. March 16, 2020. Important issues in the 2020 election With the country in the midst of a recession, nearly eight-in-ten registered voters (79%) say the economy will be very important to them in making their decision about who to vote for in the 2020 presidential election – the … China & COVID-19, 3. Where the likes of Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, Colin Powell, Condeleeza Rice, Madeleine Albright, James Baker can still contribute their deep insights. Forty percent of those who start college don’t even finish within six years. • Election integrity: With the 2020 elections coming, citizens must be assured that the electoral process for federal, state and local elections is fair. [CDATA[// >
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